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Personality Awards-Undergraduates AVENIR

Adam Hart

Personality Awards-Undergraduates AVENIR

Adam Hart
McGill University

Inventive, curious, blessed with an enterprising drive and always on the lookout for new ideas where he could put his talents to good use, Adam Hart, a medical student at McGill University, saw this discipline as the best way of combining his manual and technical skills with his desire to be involved in society. Motivated by a need to understand how everything around him works, he pursued engineering studies that briefly fulfilled his thirst for knowledge; today, thanks to his medical training, he dreams of inventing a revolutionary orthopaedic device.

“The ability to think outside the box, to constantly search for new ideas that prompt us to push back our limits while at the same time inspiring others to do likewise, this is how I believe progress is made,” Adam spontaneously asserts.

Adam Hart has always had this enterprising drive. When he was just a teenager, he founded his own vending machine design and manufacturing company in the basement at his parent’s house. He even hired some of his classmates to lend a hand in the development of the company called Vending Innovation Products. Six years later he sold it, just before undertaking a Master’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of Toronto.

A model student who has always maintained a more than respectable grade point average, Adam also sets himself apart through his research findings. In the course of his Master’s degree at the University of Toronto, his work addressed an area of microelectronics, namely the human-machine interface, which was published in four journals and presented at three international forums. During this same period, he also contributed to the design of a software program that today is widely used among McGill University graduates.

“Medicine then gradually became a given on my academic path as a means of fulfilling my varied fields of interest. I wanted to be able to apply my skills to a project with a tangible impact,” Adam explains.

Almost at the same moment as he began pursuing his medical studies, he started working on the design for a wireless respiratory monitor in collaboration with the Global Centre for eHealth Innovation in Toronto. Three years later, the instrument was launched and installed at hospitals. The Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society published his work on the monitor and Adam also presented it at a convention in Buenos Aires in 2010.

Universally praised by his collaborators, who commend his immense dynamism, modesty, strong self-discipline and commitment, Adam transposes all these qualities as a member of the McGill University rowing team, where he has helped his teammates win numerous awards. And as vice-president of the fund-raising campaign for his team, he contributed to making it an unprecedented success by helping to raise a record amount of $40,000.

“As a future orthopaedic surgeon, I believe that everything is within my reach. I will be able to realize my dreams while allowing biomedical research to benefit from my various fields of interest and my experience,” he says in conclusion.

Adam Hart

Adam Hart



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