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Scala Project

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Scala Project
It is not only in Quebec that, due to the rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT), the urgent need for training can be felt. In the Philippines, for example, a company in search of 500 employees was only able to find 11 who were able to work with ICT. As the situation is not as critical in Quebec, 10 engineering students from McGill University, under the aegis of the group Engineers Without Borders, set up the Scala Project, dedicated to putting an end to this persisting penury of manpower. In order to do this, the students have contributed for a year to providing the provinces of Pangasinan and South Cotabato with computer technology by supplying high-performance computers and up-to-date software. While there, they linked these computers to a network and the Internet. They also developed a made-to-measure training program to ensure that Filipinos could use and repair the computer material. The Scala Project will also have an impact on Quebec as the training program, soon to be adapted to the situation in Quebec, will be offered at Montreal's YMCA as well as at other places in the city. Thus, everyone profits!

Scala Project

Project's members:

Bahareh Seyedi, Kasim Tirmizey, Louis Dorval, Nada Gharzouzi, Nebeel Al-Kady, Smaranda Grajdieru, Sophia Lalani and Yehia Houry.


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