• Gala Forces-Avenir - niveau Universitaire
  • Gala Forces-Avenir - niveau Universitaire

The Story of a Dream

Is there anything more satisfying and more fulfilling than the feeling of having contributed, by one’s actions, ideas, talents, creativity and dedication, to the development and expansion of the everyday environment in which one defines oneself, grows and stands out? Probably not. There are therefore many people who, upon entering university and sometimes even long before, decide to bring their dreams to life, to innovate and to take action in order to improve, if ever so slightly, the shape of things to come.

It was precisely for such university students that Forces AVENIR came into being, setting itself the goal of recognizing, honouring and promoting their dynamism, sense of initiative and involvement in their community. At the end of 1997, a group of young people from Québec City, striving to reveal to the world the brio of the new guard, thus established the basis of what was to become Forces AVENIR.

Against all odds, their gamble paid off and, every year since 1999, the instigators of the project have presented the university gala, the only event of its kind in Canada, which brings together people from all professional backgrounds and from all educational milieus in order to pay tribute to the excellence of Québec youth.

Though it is the tangible result of the organization’s mission, the gala is but one facet of Forces AVENIR’s dedication to its finalists and award recipients. The organization uses various means to showcase the constructive, creative and rallying potential of the young people it encourages. Its promotional actions take the form of newspaper articles about the recipients and finalists and sustained public relations campaigns throughout the province. Forces AVENIR endeavours on a daily basis to make today’s committed students the recognized leaders of tomorrow.


Forces AVENIR now wants to extend its mission to all levels of education and it was for this reason that, in 2007-2008, the organization established a high school program to help bring recognition to high school students and members of staff who are involved at their school or in their community, or who have shown exceptional perseverance.

Forces AVENIR’s long-term goal is to reach out to all Québec students, both at elementary and high school, as well as at the college and university levels. In promoting student commitment, Forces AVENIR wants to see it become a value that is an integral part of the Québec education system. And it uses all the necessary means to attain this goal…

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